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wolf spirit... beautiful, mine would be a dragon or something with wings lol

my inner wolf will one day show my true courage inside. Given Qantaqua means "wolf" or "loyalty".plus my love of pin-up/female art.I'd LOVE to work with this for my next tattoo.


beauty art Black and White wolf horror Full Moon moon night beauty and the beast fantasy beast werewolf wolfman fantasy art werewolves horror art warewolf warewolves wolf man

Living in a Fantasy World

Black Horse Totem: Mystery, death, night, secret, messenger of esoteric…

Femme et cheval aériens ciel étoilé

stormy skies and unicorn,animated. Wallpaper and background photos of Stormy Skies,Animated for fans of Unicorns images.

Devotion [Trade] by Moonstone-Designs on deviantART  *****This is a stunning image!  If a unicorn has wings, is it a unicorn or a pegasus?  What do you think?  Reply here*****

Devotion by Moonstone-Designs. Image of flying unicorns or Pegacorn.