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guchi в Твиттере: «It's morning here so good morning shiro … Shirogane Takashi, Voltron Force, Takashi Shirogane, Shiro Voltron, Keith Lance, So Good, Lance Mcclain, Voltron Comics, Siluete Umane
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guchi в Твиттере: «It's morning here so good morning shiro …
a man with purple hair and black shirt standing in front of pink paint splatters
Mar; '95 . intj voltron | anime | graphics | books ✧safe zone.hate-free✧
two different faces with the words volpron written on them in black and white
Patch is a Golem. Against the cult though and probably helps safe Sylvain in this book.
Voltron Kuro, Voltron Legendary Defender
an older man in a suit holding a glass of wine and looking at the ground
Cette homme mystérieux pour le moment ressemble fortement à Mégami Saiko (la 10ème rivales)... D'après une théorie il serais le père de Mégami Saiko et serais le PDG de Saikou Corp.
an anime character with white hair and red cape holding his hands up to his face
Boku no Hero Academia || Katsuki Bakugou, My hero academia #mha
a drawing of a man with headphones in his ears and wearing a purple shirt
かつでくのなつ (@8naaat9) on Twitter