Gran and Grandpa loved their sweet peas. THey grew over a large wall of the egg packing shed.  Fed by chook manure they were always plentiful and the scent still takes me right back to those days.CC.

Pollinator friendly plants: Annuals sweet peas calendula candytuft nigella cornflowers Californian poppy via Floret Flowers


pilea perperomioides (chinese money plant) Available from North One Garden Centre London – Gardening Gazebo

Shade garden with fern, boxwood, lady's mantel, wild ginger and more.

Great shade garden composition & even some great hardy plants in there . all green combination . great example of levels, and plant shape and form being soooo important.

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The French Bedroom Company Urband Jungle Bedroom. We're loving the interiors trend of house plants - from concrete planters, cacti, basket pots, hanging plants, palms and so much green for your home. Collection of house plants on a wooden table with whi

Deep violet Clematis growing through pale pink Eden Roses .. from Katie Moss landscape design

Shoreline Cottage Garden - traditional - landscape - new york - MJ McCabe-Garden the combo of climbing roses and clematis


Ilex forms a natural round cluster and is easy to maintain, simple landscape green border inspiration, Provence, France

Another gorgeous window

I have always wanted wisteria growing all around my house. Wisteria seems to love to live. It climbs onto everything like a beautiful, needy flower. Smells great too