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Iced Coffee Frappe Recipe *** More info could be found at the image url.

Coffee Beans~Stunning cup and saucer.

come with me to the sea of love

Coffee love - Cup of coffee and heart shape made by toasted beans

Good idea! Add a stick of cinnamon to your hot chocolate or cappucino

Black Magic Cocktails & A Butternut Chai Latte - Adventures in Cooking

Cappucino, Disfruta, enjoy, coffee, coffee time, cup, moment, time, café,  momentos, tazas, lifestyle.

a spoon full of milk foam with coffee flavour - yuuummmmy

Red tea cups

Cappuccino Panna Cotta looks rich and delicious in red Le Creuset cappuccino cups + easy recipe

Music & Coffee - That's the life!!

The beauty of music -- latte, coffeeshop atmosphere, a book and a cup of your favorite!

Amazing coffee // Incomeventional //

There is nothing like a yummy mocha coffee. Mocha's are better with a shot of espresso. Coffee Lovers love mocha's anytime of the day.

I've become kind of obsessed with coffee cups.  Not cheap ones that say SMILE, or HAVE A FUN DAY, or LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS.

That's either an affogato or an espresso con panna. And it's CAFFEINE.

Lucky Lemon Seven the Best Lemonade Cocktail #cocktail #recipe #lemon

The Slow Roasted Italian: Lucky Lemon Seven - Not your Grandma's lemonade. This Lucky Lemon Seven cocktail is a combination of the juices of muddled lemons, and Grey Goose Vodka!

apple vodka

Apple Fairy: oz absinthe herbal liqueur oz apple vodka 3 oz sparkling apple cider For this recipe, make some apple juice ice cubes before you start. Then add 3 apple juice cubes to a cocktail glass. Add absinthe and apple vodka, and fill with cider.