Alice's Easter Cup Tea Party

27 Surprisingly Chic DIY Easter Centerpieces You Must See

Dekoracja w filiżance I know its not a cake, but I want to do a cascade of sugar eggs onto a cake for easter… is creative inspiration for us.


These chickens are too cute! B/W spotted felt chicken garland. Móbile Decorativo - Galinha D´Angola

Мастер-класс "Композиция пасхальная" - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

пасхальные подделки

Signe avec pigne de pins et chenille

Your kids will love these fun crafts that use feathers!!

Pipe cleaners Toothpicks Orange marker Tacky glue Googly eyes Pinecones Feathers bend a piece of pipe cleaner (a piece for the adult, for a chick) To finish, glue a pinecone to the pipe cleaner base, then glue feathers to the pinecone.

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this idea would be super in any glass vase or glass, use imagination for top with any color egg, chick, rabbit, etc.This says: Ostern

Le uova di Pasqua decorate

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