Pretty three-leaf crochet pattern. Could also be layered up to make pretty flowers.

I want to make a big leafy pile/blanket of these crochet leaves to snuggle into - ЛИСТОЧКИ КРЮЧКОМ.

White Arm Lace Full Sleeves Shirt

This is on my list of "things I want to buy to treat myself". I love the design on the sleeves. Its casual but really nice. Synergy Cuff Thermal at Free People Clothing Boutique - Cute detail on sweater sleeves.

Crochet Christmas Angels Free Pattern

10+ Fast and Easy Christmas Crochet Free Patterns for Last Minutes

15109604_1029689667156543_2135363331607908312_n.jpg (960×540)

15109604_1029689667156543_2135363331607908312_n.jpg (960×540)