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The Crystal Cave of Merlin - Hilarious fan art! I think we& lost it. First it was Sherlock, now this. and this one isn& continuing

Oh my goodness! So true! <3

loneliest people - are the kindest, the saddest people - smile the brightest, the most damaged people - are the wisest. The thing is, this usually shows three different people but in Merlin it's just Merlin because he applies to ALL!


Just Merlin dragging a chilling Uther on a cloth. On Set "Merlin" - Anthony Head and Colin Morgan


do they only hire actors with amazing cheekbones at BBC? <<< well they only have 5 actors in total, and the height of the cheek bones determines the amount of talent, adorableness, and attractiveness. <--Pinning for the cheekbones comments.