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Douce Pliny - Florentine Venice 1476-21

✍ Sensual Calligraphy Scripts ✍ initials, typography styles and calligraphic art - Douce Pliny - Florentine Venice

Celtic 'S' designed by me in My Celtic Art by Red De'Rome

Celtic 'S' designed by me in My Celtic Art class.actually this looks just like adinkra to me.

LASSEDIO DELLA CITTÀ DI TIRO - Folia. Mi niatura tratta dal ‘Romanzo di Alessandro’ - MS. Bodl. 264 (1338-1344), Bodleian Library, Oxford.

The Seige of Tyre as illustrated in a medieval illuminated manuscript - Miniature from ‘Romanzo di Alessandro’ - MS.

Medieval Bestiary : Scorpion Gallery

British Library, Sloane MS Folio Illustrating the entry for the plant called plantain in a herbal, a man defends himself from a scorpion and a dragon-like viper (adder). Plantain was said to cure the bite of both creatures.