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Princess Maria Josepha of Saxony in circa 1744 before becoming Dauphine of France by Klein Daniel.jpg

Portrait of Henriette Anne of France (1727-1752), as a Vestal Virgin | Jean-Marc Nattier (1749)

Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, Duc d'Anjou, (born 25 April 1974, Madrid) is a member of the Royal House of Bourbon, and one of the current pretenders to the defunct French throne as Louis XX. As the senior male heir of Hugh Capet, being the senior descendant of King Louis XIV of France (ruled 1643–1715) through his grandson King Philip V of Spain, he is recognized as the "Head of the House of Bourbon" and rightful claimant to the French crown by the Legitimist faction of French royalists.

A lock of hair from the second son of Marie Antoinette, Louis-Charles.

Miniature portrait of Louis XVI, likely done for the occasion of his marriage to Marie Antoinette.

Johan Starbus, Portrait of Marie Leszczyńska, 1712, Oil on canvas, 146 x 117 cm (National museum)

King Louis XVI of France, husband to Marie Antoinette

Louis XV King of France and Navarre, 1774 by Armand-Vincent de Montpetit

On September 5th, in 1725, a 15 year old Louis XV married 21 year old Marie Leszczyńska. He had originally been engaged to his cousin, Maria Anna Victoria of Spain, who had been living at Versailles for four years. However, there were concerns over Louis’ health and they wanted him to produce an heir as soon as possible, so the then 7 year old Infanta was sent back home. Louis XV and Marie Leszczyńska would go on to have 11 children together in a span of just 10She who pwns people with…

Marie Adelaide of Savoy, Dauphine of France and the mother of Louis XV.