An exhibition "For example. New polish house"

An exhibition organized by Centre of Architecture took place in the Museum of Modern Art in Warszaw between 11.07. and 25.08. It showed 9 houses entering into global tendencies but at the same time distinguished by unique concepts. Photographs by Juliusz Sokołowski
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Mockup 7

Mockup 7

Mockup 5

Model making: Kuba Morkowski, Adam Perka. Click above to see larger image.

A project by Jojko & Nawrocki.

Dom w Rybniku, projekt: Marcin Jojko i Bartłomiej Nawrocki (jojko+nawrocki…

A project by Grzegorz Stiasny.

Dogma House - Grzegorz Stiasny/ARE, Nadarzyn, 2009

A project by MAAS.

The Architekturzentrum of Vienna presents an exhibition about the new homes in Poland exhibiting nine plans for exemplary singlefamily homes. in News Design.