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Evening Sunset Feonix by on @DeviantArt

I want to buy peeps gifts, so this lad/lady is up for auction!The gold rope/braided collar has a little bottle with red tea berries, a sweet little berry found in northern Feonix territory-a.



Black Knights by ShwigityShwonShwei on DeviantArt

Controversially to stereotype,Black Knights are free knights banded together to form independent of nobles/royalty guild. not evil knights.

我的好友圈 微博-隨時隨地發現新鮮事

Can you imagine her backstory? Like her as a child finding this tiny baby monster and they both growing up together? She conquers the world with her loyal demon at her side. Brooooo imagine the possibilities!

「ABYSSAL」/「kannnu @ 2日目A-10a」の漫... 来自叉__叉 - 微博

The wild child. She lives for the fun, and will only interfere with things if they have the potential to be interesting. Pleasure and chaos personified.