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Arched profiles – outdoor molding Just specify dimensions of the arch, how broad and high it should be (measured in the center) as well as give the slat model and the product will be ready according to your order. If you need round profiles – we are just for you. We produce, for example, round windows or lamp covers.


The exterior molding is highly resistant to hail damage.

The molding produced by our company is flexible for a very long time.

The exterior moulding does not absorb much water. The protecting cover produced by us is made of the best materials thanks to which it absorbs no more than 1% of water. No other company has gained such a result. Moldings offered by our competitors can absorb water in even several dozen per cent which makes that it needs necessary renovation soon.

Four-year tests have revealed that with our products you can gain a guarantee that nothing wrong will happen with the materials after years‘ of their use.

Outdoor molding – Facade profiles The typical features of Molding Creator outside profiles are their flexibility and fire-resistance. As the products made with a great accuracy and precision they are characterized by an ideal cut without any risk of frying. Because of their great elasticity they can be used for uneven surfaces and there is no risk of their damage. They can be always recurred (mounted slats suit impeccably).

Facade Profiles First-class expanded polystyrene EPS-200 or XPS-30 forms the core of the profiles. The covering constitutes the Molding Creator elastic mass. There is no need to apply reinforcement mesh as the high-quality plaster does not need to be reinforced. The Molding Creator layer is approximately 2-4 mm thick.

Internal Profiles Original Molding profiles (internal profiles) will allow you to change the atmosphere of your house into exceptional one. Thanks to a specialist stucco which covers the polystyrene core it is possible to mount the profiles quickly and without any difficulties. The profiles are definitely unique and exceptional.