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Molding Creator profiles can make buildings modified and innovated Joining cornices and mouldings is widely talked about. It happens very often that just after s few months places of joining crack which makes customers very dissatisfied. That’s why have done a lot of tests of joining polystyrene foam moldings. http://www.moldingcreator.com/

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Having regard to the opinion of thousands of customers, we know that our products significantly stand out from other producers’ molding. We are the only company in this branch which apart from coated Styrofoam profiles also produces the super strong glue of the highest quality for profiles, elastic adhesive for bonding profiles and the elastic dispersion waterborne paint. http://www.moldingcreator.com

The Buildings Decoration System – Molding Creator deserves respect All types of houses including cottages, old mansions or historic tenement houses can be beautified by the profiles offered by our company. It does not matter if it is a private or public property. We cooperate with construction companies, developers and wholesalers as well as with private investors and architects. http://www.moldingcreator.com

Why to choose us? – We ensure the transport service of our profiles wherever you want with the highest safety. Because the cover is made of the best materials and it is of the best quality it can be transported in any place in the world without any risk of being damaged. http://www.moldingcreator.com

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