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snow-and-frost: “ Jelsa Week 2014 - Day In Another Life AHHH~~~~! I forget to post these for day Jelsa & siblings in Harry potter AU? I love Elsa from Beauxbatons Academy U.

Don't Cry, My Precious Queen

"Snow glows white on the mountain right now" "but never as cold as tonight before" "Ice is beautiful as usual until now. Don't Cry, My Precious Queen

jack frost elsa | Tumblr

My new fave pairing - Jelsa! (Jack Frost + Elsa from Disney's 'Frozen') Jack is from 'Rise of he Guardian's' by DreamWorks. So I heard you liek Blizzards

I spy Anna, Ariel, and Rapunzle in the back

frozenblume: Jack & Elsa Wedding fanart~ :) and I’m the priest I added some disney princesses in the BG. Can you guess who they are~? Ariel, Anna, and Rapunzel in the background! << It looks like Tiana is there too behind Rapunzel