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a pink bib with flowers on it
Babador primavera
Babador primavera
a purple bib with a green flower on it
three bibs with different designs on them sitting on a yellow tablecloth, one has a red bird and the other is green
Mais um trio de babadores....
Mais um trio de babadores....
a baby bib with a giraffe on it
two baby bibs one with a cat and the other with a flower on it
a bib with a giraffe embroidered on it
NO+LOBOS (No Más Lobos) ❤ Cositas para bebés hechas a mano con mucho mimo ❤
Our bibs have two faces: plastic and towel. Customize with a handmade embroidery / Nuestros baberos tienen dos caras: una de vinilo transparente fácil de limpiar y otra de toalla absorbente. Personalizable con un bordado a mano
a baby bib with an image of a star on the front and red stripe down the middle
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a blue and white purse hanging from a tree
babero / fimarteArtesania - Artesanio
a baby bib with a red bow on it's head in yellow and black
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Minnie Yellow : Plastic Lined Bib. minnie mouse bib