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two bookshelves mounted on the wall above a white shelf with plants and vases
Kashida - Furniture
a wall mounted shelf with vases and other decorative items on it, against a white wall
21 Outstanding Products To Get Your House Organized In 2022
there are three plants in vases on the shelves and one plant is growing out of it
Modern & Inspiring Creative Shelves That Can Make Your Home Look Charming
three shelves with different shapes and sizes on them, one is white and the other is yellow
wall shelves for living room
Removable indirect lighting slanted panel to hide power panel!!!
Stairway LED Lighting Idea - Modern Lighting Design
32 Channel LED Motion Sensor Light • Thanks to the sensor, the adhesive LED strips turn on automatically in the dark, when someone approaches or moves, eg near the bed or in the children's room. • with smart LED lights it will no longer be necessary to move around the rooms in the dark. The integrated dimmer of the adhesive led strip adjusts the brightness from 10% to 100% adapting to the ambient light.
ЖК «Сити Парк» Организация хранения в гардеробном шкафу. #гардероб #шкаф #прихожая #yurovinteriors