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the sight word readers book is open on a wooden table with an image of children's pictures
Sight Word Fluency Readers
Sight Word Fluency Readers
free printable sight words flash cards for kids to use in the classroom or at home
Free Printable Sight Words Flash Cards
making sentences for beginners with the words bee and the fly on yellow paper
Making Simple Sentences with Beginners – The Teaching Rabbit
a pink container filled with lots of different colored letters and numbers on top of a wooden table
Guided Reading Activities - All Students Can Shine
Guided Reading Activities
three printable sight words for the letter s
Thanks for signing up - Editable
three stickers with the words, for the kid who bursts out in different colors
9 Guaranteed Ways to Stop Students from Blurting Out | The Pinspired Teacher
an image of a free printable classroom sign with the words, notes for the classroom
2nd Grade Classroom Procedures (Part 1)
Randomly reward your students for keeping their desks and supplies organized with a visit from the desk fairy! Have another teacher or staff member leave prizes on clean desks when the class is out of the room. This could be a small eraser, treat, or class coupon. Download these super cute and free desk fairy notes.
i can read practice cards with an apple and the words i can read on them
First Grade
First Grade ⋆ Miniature Masterminds