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two story house plans with an attached garage and pool area, in the middle one floor plan
3,900 sq ft Modern Contemporary Farmhouse Design
the floor plan for this house is very large and has lots of room to put in it
Plan #4919
two story house plans with large front and back porches, an open floor plan for the
Plan #6706 | Design Studio
two story house plan with 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms in the front, an open floor plan
Northwest style cottage house plan, 3 beds, large terrace, mezzanine, fireplace and open floor plan… | Craftsman house plans, Cottage house plans, Dream house plans
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the floor plan for this modern home is shown in two different sections, with stairs leading up to the second story
a white and black house with lots of windows at night in front of the grass
5120 Kelsey Terrace Edina MInnesota
a large white house with lots of windows and lights on it's front door
Vital things to know before you buy a property
a large black and white house with two garages on the front lawn, surrounded by trees
2021 Spring Parade of Homes
the house is lit up at night and reflecting in the pool
Hillsborough - StudioVARA
a modern house with an outdoor patio and fire pit in the middle of the yard
A Spacious, Modern Farmhouse in Denver - Colorado Homes & Lifestyles