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a wooden box that is sitting on the floor next to a piece of string and wood
Box Loom
I wanted a more portable (and more demonstrably period) loom than the typical inkle loom, so I decided to build myself a box loom. I based my design on the loom made by Spanish Peacock. The plans I…
an image of a metal object with two parts labeled in the same language and one part showing
Métier à tisser les galons
Métier à tisser les galons - WebFree
a wooden toy sled sitting on top of a bed
Jeux de mains - Le blob du Caldou
a person is working on a wooden toy
Tape loom: pure lust
a man sitting on the ground next to a pile of blankets and rugs with a weaving machine in front of him
Weaving Viking by paganroots on DeviantArt