Napis na udzie

"Curiosity often leads to trouble" - Alice in Wonderland tattoo= never will get a tattoo but i love the quote!


"There is a place where you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. her heart" I find the wording cheesy, but I love the placement and font.

Tatuaż skrzydełka na łopatkach

usually i HATE wing tattoos, but this one is really beautiful! its like the wings of a fairy or some kind of insect. its not the typical angel wings every basic bitch has. so i am really feelin this version of wings!

Świetny tatuaż na żebra

"I saw a dead bird flying through a broken sky" this is wicked I LOVE it! Probably the best bird coming out of a feather tattoo I've seen so far! love the feather part!


since Coca Cola is the one vice I will probably never give up. this might be fitting for me ;

Cała w tatuażach #tattoo

Cała w tatuażach

Dokąd zmierzać #tattoo

Dream catcher tattoo Dreams can come true, you just need to make them happen. Live your dream.

Na leżąco #tattoo

Tattoos are fine. I see them and I think various things about bravery and storytelling. But I've never seen one and coveted it.

Cudowna blondynka z tatuażem #tattoo

Cudowna blondynka z tatuażem

Kolorowa kobieta

Kolorowa kobieta