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One of the joys of making new friends is lending each other a helping hand every now and again...

Both Batman and Spiderman are real as you can see but Spiderman is the one who needs help getting over the wall. Batman will just jump over. Yours truly, Batman lovers/ smart people

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ok why is this so tru. But I'll save my breath in fear of wasting your time.

Afraid to dress your son up in a dress because being feminine is shameful/embarrassing? He deserves better parents. Changing societal norms--changing the way we view femininity--starts with men being feminine. Let people express themselves HOWEVER they want

Let PEOPLE express themselves however they choose, regardless of gender. They're CLOTHES and clothes don't have a goddamn gender. Don't be so fragile and open your mind!

probably the succ crew on a semi-coffee-fuelled adventure

"Come on my noble steed, push me to the dollar store" "Roxy you are such a brat I love you"

Since 1996 hey so i might not be adding to this board as often as i am rn for the next two months or so(ill still post here just not as frequently) but ill be posting a lot on my new board (back to school aesthetic/style ????,?) so if u wanna see more of my shit aesthetic it'll be there lmao

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lost words and empty promises — I painted it black because I know ...

I want to use a single black rose as a prop for my official front cover

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How delightfully ironic that the rose is gonna die drowning in vodka,reminds me of me.

This is literally me with my boyfriend. (im the one saying sorry) lol

kunimi is the one saying sorry, and kindaichi is the other one

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// 'modern life is rubbish'

maybe not that, but I would add a title that would have a more positive effect on the mental state. Like "the things I want to do, but haven''t done yet".

Diy 'things i wanted to say but never did' note book. Will be the most honest book ever written.