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Ulepszona kolejnośc czytania ksiazek z świata Dysku

The discworld reading order guide Because I want to play in Pratchett's universe, but I must have started at the waaaay wrong place when I tried to pick one up.

Customer – The Digital Disruptor, The CRM evolutions

Customer - The Digital Disruptor, The CRM evolutions - Content Loop

How tracking data improves the customer experience

Bayesian networks, machine learning and rules-based systems individually don& work well. They don’t produce good results, don’t scale or are too hard to work with.

A method used by lenders to determine the credit worthiness of potential borrowers. The system weighs five characteristics of the borrower, attempting to gauge the chance of default. The five Cs of credit are: -Character -Capacity -Capital -Collateral -Conditions

"Ethical leadership means "leaving things better than you found them" including employee and goodwill relations, environmental impact and social causes.

Season Spotter Image Marking — Zooniverse

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research.

Organisations are faced with the challenge of delivering their customers with an online experience that goes far beyond just a website

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The distinction between retailer and e-retailer is blurring: here are 3 major eCommerce trend that will reshape retail customer experience in 2015.

The rise in mobile phone traffic to online stores is partly being fueled by the overall trend of social-fueled discovery becoming a major marketing channel.