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23 Cute Bob Haircuts & Styles for Thick Hair: Short, Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Long blunt wavy textured bob with Balayage highlights and lowlights. Those waves.

What’s Next After Ombré: The Hair Color That Lasts 6 Months

Twenty one pilots inspired tattoo. I like the placements for a continuing line!

20 Quote Tattoos for Inspiration All Day, Every Day

Wear your heart on your sleeve with one of these meaningful quote tattoos

It hurts for someone to be all u need but u always feel like you're not enough!!!! I'll fallback before I keep losing or feeln like I'm always getn the ass end if the stick or a temp fill in

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my soul is tired

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Chapter Two: A New Year Begins

You see smiling people walking down the hallway everyday and they could turn out to be psycho-murderers. Maybe this smile hides a girl who cuts herself at night, because you tell her she's not good enough each and everyday and maybe, just maybe, it hid the pain carried by the little boy who hung himself because he was gay. So yeah, smiles are pretty damn scary, if you care about others.

you have to find that place that brings out the human in you, the soul in you, the love in you #rmdrake #favorite

It's a horrible curse and I keep searching for the cure. Deep down I know this is what it will always be. I wonder how long I can survive it till I can't.