Diy farmhouse decor

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a small white table with some plants on top of it and a window in the background
a tray with flowers, candles and books on it sitting on a table in front of a couch
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tea cups and saucers with the words 10 things you never thought to do with your vintage teacups
10 Creative Ways to ReUse Your Vintage Teacups
four glass vases and one candle holder on a wooden table in front of a window
Thrift Store Transformation...DIY Distressed Candlesticks
a basket filled with white flowers sitting on top of a table next to an egg
Easter Decorations Dollar Store
a wooden sign that says home hanging on a wall above a shelf with other items
Recreate this Look: Modern Farmhouse Framed Embroidery Hoop - thetarnishedjewelblog
a glass jar filled with pine cones and evergreen branches on top of a white background