Bundesarchive Photos 1933 - all fields of WWII - Page 214

Bulgarian soldiers on German tank Pz. H during the parade in Sofia. The inscription “Nish” notes on the tank cars involved in the battle for the Serbian city of Niš in Niš operations in October

The ultimate thread of rare photos with rare/captured stuff.

The Soviets liked to use captured Pz IIIs (designated as command tanks because they had superior optics and radios.

Ukraine, german StuG III soviet insignia, pin by Paolo Marzioli

A Panzer 3 Ausf E along with other types of captured German armored vehicles used by Russian Forces


Приложения / Трофейные танки Красной Армии. На «тиграх» на Берлин!

Приложения / Трофейные танки Красной Армии. На «тиграх» на Берлин!


Działo samobieżne na podwoziu przechwyconych / przechwyconych czołgów Armii Czerwonej. Na „tygrysy” w Berlinie!

“Panther” from the self-propelled artillery regiment. Ukrainian front, guards army, March Numbers and the crosses on the tank and painted over it painted red stars with white.

Prototype of Soviet tank destroyer based on Pzkpfw III supsension and hull.