Marcin Kraszewski

Marcin Kraszewski

Marcin Kraszewski
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Kenneth Nixon. Emo isn't usually my style.  But watch the Framing Hanley video for Lollipop and try not to swoon.  Seriously.

lead singer of Framing Hanley. One of the hottest singers, PLUS he has a thick country accent so it makes him hotter (:

emo boy <3 well hey there

Ryan he is 17 and part of the mafia. He is a killer and he may seem innocent but that's how his kill count his risen. He is emotional, violent, ambitious, and stealthy. His code name: Bleedingheart


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I have yet to do so, but I know I'm gay. I tryed forcing myself to like girls for 3 years in my life because being gay is "a sin". Well no more. I'm myself and I'm gay.<<<< you go boys!