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an instagram with pictures of cats, corn on the cob and other items
the back end of a car that says epic metal win
love it
a black and white photo with the caption i like my house like my metal
a skull with the words, why are there so many skulls in rock and metal?
an image of a comic strip with the caption i push my fingers into my eyes
(Duality) i push my fingers into my eyesssss
a girl running on train tracks with the caption that reads, bruta death metal people who lie about listening to all kinds of music
I Hate My Life, Real Funny Jokes, Music Is Life
Metal Music, Slipknot, Rock And Roll
Mi medicina ;) Kobe, Emo, Meme, Emoji, Lol, Korn, Muziek
Mi medicina ;)
the metallic rock band logos are shown in two different colors and font styles, each with their own name