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the chemistry of popcorn info sheet
What Makes Popcorn Pop? – The Chemistry of Popcorn
Today (19th January) is apparently National Popcorn Day, so what better time to look at the chemistry behind it? This graphic takes a brief look at some of the compounds that give popcorn its flavo…
an info sheet with the names and symbols for polyatomic ions, names, formula
Common Polyatomic Ions: Names, Formulae, and Charges
Know your sulfates from your sulfites, and your chlorates from your perchlorates? This graphic gives a helping hand with remembering the names, formulae and charges of various different polyatomic …
the chemistry of petrol and diesel info poster with information on how to use each type of fuel
The Chemistry of Petrol & The Tetraethyl Lead Story
Tomorrow (18th May) marks the date of birth of Thomas Midgley, who made significant contributions to something many of us make use of on a regular basis: petrol. Midgley was the research assistant …
a poster explaining how to make chemical reactions happen faster
Making Reactions Faster: Factors Affecting Rates of Reaction
How different factors can affect how quickly a reaction happens is a common topic in the chemistry curriculum. This graphic serves as a convenient summary for teachers and students alike of what th…
a can of diet coke next to an info sheet with instructions on how to use it
Coke & Diet Coke: The Facts and the Fiction
Coke & Diet Coke – Fact & Fiction
the chemistry of limescate poster with instructions on how to use it and what to use
The Chemistry of Limescale
Limescale is a substance you’ve undoubtedly encountered, be it clogging up your kettle, or building up on your bathroom surfaces. But how does it get there in the first place, and how do limescale…
a poster describing the benefits of honey
Why Doesn’t Honey Spoil? – The Chemistry of Honey
The Chemistry of Honey
a glass container with a toothbrush in it on a white surface, filled with liquid
10 Cool Chemistry Demonstrations That Will Impress Your Students
Chemistry Demonstrations You Can Do at Home: Use Home Chemicals To Make a Density Column
the history of ironing and how to use it
How Chemistry Can Make Your Ironing Easier
Ever wondered why your clothes crease after being washed, or why some crease more than others? I collaborated with Professor Mark Lorch from the University of Hull to make this graphic, which takes…
an old black and white poster with the words gas laws written in different languages on it
a large projection screen in front of a class room
Cool lady gaga song reference
an info sheet describing the different types of chocolates and how they are used to make them
The Polymorphs of Chocolate
With Easter upcoming, here's another graphic on chocolate to go with the previous food chemistry graphic which looked at some of the chemicals it contains. This one examines the different structure...
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and their colors, sizes, and shapes
The Chemistry of Color [Infographic]
The Chemistry of Color #Infographic #Colors