Book: The true love experiment

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a man sitting on top of a fence next to a soccer field
The soccer dad stock photo. Image of gaze, field, cheer - 626246
Soccer Camp, Soccer Practice, Soccer Drills, Soccer Coaching, Football Kids, Soccer Team, Soccer Drills For Kids, Soccer Tips
Soccer 101: How to Teach the Basics of Soccer to Young Kids
a stadium filled with lots of colorful lights
Coldplay, Wembley
two people sitting in a boat on the water at night with their backs turned to the camera
Bioluminescent Kayaking: Florida’s best kept (odd) thrilling magical secret - 2TravelDads
a woman is sitting in the water at night
5 Must-See Bioluminescent Beaches Around the World
a person is holding a container with food in it and dipping sauce on the top
Spicy street tacos date ;)
there are three tacos on the tray and a soda
Truck tacos 🌮
a piece of paper with writing on it that says ps i never hold you, but i was falling in love