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pos'ly. in Helskir, orig'ly. fr. Dungannon (Redstone Castle) area(s)... [Elantel Novayawdtn3-4 by VeraVoyna]

Elantel is the daughter of King Mildare of the ruler of Evengard. Since childhood, she was taught martial arts, archery, fencing. Has excellent abilities for engineering. Despite the pretty face, her character is militant and decisive. After the expulsion

Locke Lamora by KejaBlank (The expression is perfect...just when you think you have him beat, he gets that look and you KNOW you just f'ed up.)

kejablank: “In Summer 2014 I read the first three books of Scott Lynchs “Gentleman-Bastards” and I fall in love with the whole book: The story has something unique and special and I am very overwhelmed of that richness and imaginativeness inside that.

Lathael by on @DeviantArt

And of course, the final step of character creation (after the rough face, armour and pony), is the better 'realistic' portrait once I have an idea of t.