Mirosława Hudak

Mirosława Hudak

Mirosława Hudak
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nice Grey And Silver bygood morning, let me know when you finish with the shampoo; I want to wash my hair today MargaritasNailz from Nail Art Gallery


Decorating nails is an incredible art! But have you ever wondered how such a small canvas can look so creative and how big impact it can have on the whole Tap the link now to find the hottest products for Better Beauty!

Ptysie z porzeczkową pianką

puff pastry with red currant italian meringue - perfect for the dessert table! Recipe in I don't even know what language, but I'm loving the currant meringue idea!

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This is the perfect glitter ombre nail art. A black polish base coat is complemented w/ a glitter polish. For the ombre effect, paint just the bottom half or top half w/ glitter.