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Sculptural accent lights.  LED light bulbs within hand formed solid cubes,  Each Cast Light is unique. Design by Snarkitecture.  Cast Light, $150.00

This is a series of sculptural accent lights featuring LED light bulbs within solid cubes, which are hand formed out of white gypsum cement. Each Cast Light is unique. Design by Snarkitecture.

JohnHoushmand furniture and architectural features

Back-lit accent wall. (JohnHoushmand furniture and architectural features) This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. It would make a great accent wall, especially if it was backlit.

the positive floor for interaceFLOR. Tunnelissa/tilassa voisi olla tasanteita, viistoja tai suoria, joihin voitaisiin projisoida haluttu informaatio, joka voisi olla interaktiivinen

Francesco Maria Bandini created the positive floor for interaceFLOR in This exhibition was unique as it questioned the use of space, and perception.