I like these mosaics..I did some this year with Kindergarten with square pieces but didn't allow the kids to leave space between them...I really like these ones on black paper!

Paper mosaic initials - great way to use up leftover paper scraps! I am feeling an end of the year craft lesson :)

Art2dye4: Artist in Focus: Pablo Picasso & African Masks

African masks inspired by Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso was a famous Spanish painter who spent most of his life in Franc.

Tissue Bleeding I forgot about this! I did this in almost every art class. I bet the boys would love this!

Bleeding Tissue Fun

Tissue Bleeding I Jo anns didn't know what I was talking about when I said bleeding tissue, so I tried reg stuff. Did not work, ended up using food color and a mess. NEED Bleeding tissue.

Oh wow cool way to start a line project! Your could add drawing on top!

(Fine Lines)

would make a great cupcake stand for a princess party, or would be a good kid activity- to make cardboard castle using discarded boxes and toilet paper rolls