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A day after scouting out Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, Desai drove 30 minutes to arrive at the lagoon in time to capture the sunrise, "Dawn happens two hours before sunrise, and usually last almost 90 minutes if there are no clouds.

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Photo taken in O'Neill Bay, Waitakere Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand. Old Pohutukawa trees seam O'Neill Bay while the sunset tints volcanic rocks.

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This sunrise lasted an hour as the sun moved horizontally behind one mountain to the other while constantly maintaining a red glow in Lofoten Norway.

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Sunset Over Mt. Whitney and Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills CA [OC] landscape Nature Photos

Naga Ziemia, czyli przyroda w obiektywach zawodowców VII - Joe Monster

Monk carved house into side of mountain in Gheralta Ethiopia this is the window he gave himself landscape Nature Photos