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an orange and white dashboard showing sales data
Neura - Sales Dashboard Widget
Neura - Sales Dashboard Widget by Naufal Hafiizh for Plainthing Studio on Dribbble
the dashboard screen shows different time zones and speedometers for each vehicle in this image
Tool Widgets 7
Tool Widgets 7 by 7ahang on Dribbble
an iphone with the text, you have today 7 tasks on it's screen
Slava (@slavakornilov) on X
Mobile app screenshots showcasing a financial dashboard for freelancers, including account balances, pending tasks, and ongoing projects. Creative App Design, Fintech App, Manage Finances, Financial Dashboard, Dashboard App, Ui Design Principles, Geometric Graphic Design
Freelancer Financial Dashboard: Tracking & Management
an iphone is shown with the app on it's screen and in front of another device
Mobile App Ui Design Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
several different types of electronic devices with numbers and symbols on the front, side, and back
E-ink watch UI Concept
E-ink watch UI Concept by Alroy D'souza on Dribbble
two iphones with the text your projects 4 on them and an image of a keyboard
Task and Project Management Mobile App
three iphones with different credit cards on them
Banking App
Banking App by Awsmd on Dribbble