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many different bills with numbers on them
American Currency Redesign
American Currency Redesign
four different bills with birds on them and numbers in the bottom right corner, including one for
Rediseño Papel Moneda Argentino
El proyecto fue propuesto por el Taller de Diseño IV Cátedra Gorodischer, FADU - UNL, y llevado a cabo durante el primer semestre de 2015.
africa's currency is shown in this map
A map of the world's currencies, and how they compare to the USD
two different bills with the image of a boat on one side and an island on the other
Norway's Ambitious New Banknotes — BP&O
New banknotes for Norges Bank designed by The Metric System
the front and back sides of different bills
Quipsologies: Vol. 94 | No. 34
Snohetta :: Norway bank notes
three different bills are shown with the same image as well as numbers on each one
This Is What Norway’s Money Will Look Like In 2017
the front and back side of a paper money bill with different colors, shapes and sizes
What are the Designs of the Year?
Designs for new Norwegian banknote - finalist in Designs of the Year 2015
an image of many different types of boats in the water and on land, with text below
US currency reimagined to celebrate ideas, not the dead
many different bills are arranged in rows
The Color of Money from Around the World
four different bills with the image of boats and mountains on them, all in different colors
超有北歐風格的前衛鈔票設計 | 大人物 - 85360
five different bank notes stacked on top of each other with the faces of jesus and mary
Rediseño / Billetes Argentinos
the ocean pollution bannone series is shown in several different colors and sizes, including blue
three different bills with animals on them
Mike Delsing | Graphic Designer