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Gurafikku Shonen

Gurafikku Shonen
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Le designer alleand Cornelius Comanns réinvente le mobile home avec son…

The project you’re about to set your eyes on is called the “Bufalino,” and it’s a one-person camper using the APE 50 as its platform. Inside the Bufalino you’ll find a bed, two seatings, a cooking zon (Tech Projects)

Staring philosophically into the bottom of your glass is one thing... this takes it to a whole new level.

Moon Glass Designs Designs Designs Designs: Korean design studio Tale Co. created this clever sake cup that displays the different phases of the Moon as you drink:

Sustainable Värma Tea Pot packaging design concept by Jara Freund (Germany) -

Packaging of the World is a package design inspiration archive showcasing the best, most interesting and creative work worldwide.

EC.Pohl & Co Branding.

I love the logo's modern, geometric design, especially on the printed stationary.Pohl & Co Branding - Logo & Visual Identity by Verg (Matt Vergotis).

Hue is a colorful inhaler designed for kids with asthma to enable them to feel less self-conscious when taking their medicine.

Samurai ‪‎Japanese‬ Restaurant ‪‎Packaging‬ ‪‎Design‬ by Oliver Sjöqvist, Nanna Basekay, Fanny Löfvall (‪‎Sweden‬) -

Samurai ‪‎Japanese‬ Restaurant ‪‎Packaging‬ ‪‎Design‬ by Oliver Sjöqvist, Nanna Basekay and Fanny Löfvall