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I randomly found this... IT'S AMAZING!!! :D

Whomever drew this, come forth and claim your prize, because this is the most incredible Rangers Apprentice Art I have seen thus far. You make the small little fandom proud.

MERLIN by elna70 on deviantART Oh gosh, I have a fetish for Merlin wearing a cloak.

Court Sorcerer Merlin fighting alongside his Once and Future King. If only it could have really happened.

Halt felt a cold hand of premonition clutch his heart. He cast his gaze around, looking back down the path where Gilan had come. Bad news from Celtica. And Gilan apparently alone. "Where's Will?" he asked quickly. "Is he alright?"

SPOILER for Ranger's Apprentice- The Burning Bridge! close-up of [link] Gilan and Halt from Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan. Gilan and Halt close up

Rangers apprentice!!

Settings in fantasy books may also be based off of real places. The image is a map of Araluen, the fictional world in the Ranger's Apprentice series. Araluen, Skandia, and other nations in the series can be easily linked to real places.