I'v alwasy wanted to find a tree like this and take photos. I love how big they are, and the fact that red is such an eye catching olour makes it so viberant. #semiphoto

Good reference for the gray scale in Sarah Chintomby Horrar 's painting!

How I Look When I Have A New Book... <3

:: Crafty :: Doll :: Animalia :: Little Reader Mouse- Needle Felted Ornament - Felting Dreams by Johana Molina


Life is Like making tea boil your ego, Evaporate your worries, dilute your Sorrows, filter your mistakes Get Taste of happiness…


bracing breeze, flannel shirt, hot cup o' joe (not that there's a best season for coffee).

the mystery

Tom Chambers’ ‘Reverie’: Photos That Blend Reality With Dreams - Photo Journal - WSJ


Entry Point - The entry point of this design is subtle where the train tracks lead into the center of the clock, leaving a sense of mystery as to what is on the other side.




These are from Victoria's Kitchen. They were book cupcakes for a woman's sixtieth birthday featuring books that she loved. Coolest thing EVER!

good morning! coffee?

"Good Friday Morning to All" It's always nice to have a cup of coffee in the Morning and enjoy the new day, especially if tha…