Milena Milka Ⓥ Nowak

Milena Milka Ⓥ Nowak
London / Holistic Entrepreneur that do business around family&love.Wife/Mommy/Friend/Vegetarian/Miracle Worker. Lets shine a bit brighter ✨ #Warszawa #London
Milena Milka Ⓥ Nowak
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This man rescued her from an abandoned store front years ago. This is how they like to watch TV together. This is the sweetest thing ever.

Gorgeous photos of the Wolf Man interacting with the packs. He acts as their alpha male. Wolfspark Werner Freund is a wolf sanctuary spread over 25 acres in western Germany. It is home to 29 wolves -- six distinct packs hailing from Europe, Siberia, Canada, the Arctic, and Mongolia. Researcher Werner Freund, 79, a former German paratrooper, established the sanctuary in 1972 and has raised more than 70 animals there over the last 40 years.

Wolf researcher Werner Freund is surrounded by Arctic wolves in an enclosure at Wolfspark Werner Freund, in Merzig in the German province of Saarland January (Lisi Niesner/Reuters)

A Little Girl & Her Dog This is a photoseries documenting the sweet bond between a girl named Harper and her English bulldog, Lola. The images were snapped by mom and photographer Rebecca Leimbach.

Boy and his dog...

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Happy boy and his best friend: This looks just like a photo I have of my Dad as a child, only my Dad is more serious and the dog isn't in the photo. I Love this one.


Funny pictures about Deer And Cat Are Morning Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Deer And Cat Are Morning Friends. Also, Deer And Cat Are Morning Friends photos.

Pitbull plus baby

Like baby, like dog! This pic reminds me off my Grand-Dog & Grand-Daughter. He(Kito) loves her so much, they do funny things like this all the time!