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Irony xD (for those who don't know Frank is actually quite short) <<<yea his wiki bio says but it's more like ;

My Chemical BROmance | Frerard moment :)

My Chemical BROmance<< that pun tho<< gerard's hair looks so RED here

And here we have a picture of a accurate pie chart. Cross out I love you to "I'm the nerdy guy of your dreams. I like you, and I have all of doctor who on DVD!

Gimme a shot to remember, and you'll take all the pain away from me.

it´s all connected

pop punk string theory <-- except I strongly disagree that five seconds of summer is pop punk. They're just another shitty boy bad <-----no they aren't a boy band, they are a really good pop punk band

So tell me all about your problems I was killing before killing was cool - Kill All Your Friends - MCR lyrics

cause we are all a bunch of animals who never paid attention in school- My Chemicl Romance