Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Milena

Decorazione Tavoli Nozze Medievali e Celtiche (gum leaves? and use for a lovely christmas holiday decoration?)

Diagram For Setting Your Table.jpg

Specs and Wings: Modern Thanksgiving Tables!

Decoração com ramos, galhos e madeira - inspire-se

Veja como fazer decoração com ramos, galhos e madeira de forma criativa, acessível e linda! Confira!

Pregador cheio de bossa

Marcadores de lugar feitos com um raminho de erva aromática, prendedor comum de madeira e caneta com tinta dourada.

Voici 20 tables de Noël à faire rêver! De la plus simple, à la plus folle des…

Sharpie Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Sharpie Easter Eggs, this would take so much time, but might actually keep the kids busy for a while. As long as they don't get bored & give up!

How to Dye Beautiful Easter Eggs Naturally

Naturally dyeing eggs is really not complicated at all. In fact, they're super fun to DIY. The process lends itself easily to experimentation and improvisation, and the results are gorgeous. These naturally dyed Easter eggs are suffused with vibrant, deep, natural color, and are sure to lend warmth and beauty to your Easter celebration. Best part? No chemicals! Check out this guide for the dye recipes.

Easter Decorations-nests centerpiece

DIY swan costume via #colorfulfall #pinparty