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Mikołaj Popis

Mikołaj Popis
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How To Make Burlap Roses Tutorial | DIY Projects & Crafts by DIY JOY at http://diyjoy.com/how-to-make-burlap-roses-tutorial

Learn how to make burlap roses in this easy tutorial. These fabric flowers go with DIY room decor, add them to DIY projects or give them as a homemade gift.



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Vortex Vessel by Jennifer McCurdy "I use a translucent porcelain body because it has a beautiful surface, and it conveys the qualities of light and shadow that I wish to express.

Water candle....

This image clearly shows the use of photoshop, in which the creator has ironically and cleverly manipulated the natural flame on the candle to represent its opposition 'water'. What a beautiful contradiction.

The Green Woman

Aditya Ikranegara is an Indonesian digital artist. He creates surreal fantasy portraits. Aditya uses wide range of colours even though his portraits are often dark and mysterious. The artist general

I have been reborn... AS THE PHEONIX QUEEN!!!! someone in the phoenix rebellion wants to be queen not democracy

In the Book of Hermes, Pymander appears to Hermes in the shape of a Fiery Dragon of "Light, Fire, and Flame." Pymander is the "thought divine" personified. Art by Todd Lockwood (see link)

Fire. Spinning poi.

spinning fire poi ~ the noise within the sphere of fire is incredibly seductive, and the fire (and fuel) have drag, making the poi extra heavy