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Mikołaj Małecki

Mikołaj Małecki
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i hate everything about me. my smile, my voice, my body, my personality, the way i walk, the way i talk, everything. i hate me. so how could anyone ever love me?

It's I'm sad, a bit hungry, I need me a cuddle-buddy, but no one will have me

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Self hatred; depression is made even worse with bipolar racing thoughts

Wow! True

love lost cute Black and White life depressed depression sad suicide hippie…

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circles hollywood undead Mehr

I'm so angry with myself... why do I always have to mess things up... why do I always find the wrong thing to do... I'm just so stupid sometimes... so if you are disappointed in me... I understand.. and most of all I'm sorry...

I'm so angry with myself. why do I always have to mess things up. why do I always find the wrong thing to do. I'm just so stupid sometimes. so if you are disappointed in me. I understand.

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So true.this is the worst feeling.

I'm so fucked up. I hate myself. I fuck everything up. I'm selfish, I'm filled with pride. I don't know why people put up with me

I really didn't mean to ruin everything, I feel terrible about all the pain I have caused you. Please forgive me, Ash. I miss my best friend.feeling your heart beat against my chest.there has to be a way to prove my love :(

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Is this feeling eating away at you? Plz dont let it be

Hollywood Undead - I'll be there

Beautiful song, I'll be there