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5w4 so/sx (5-1-4) INFJ
Mikołaj Buczel
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Johan Liebert | Monster

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Famous Infp's http://www.celebritytypes.com/infp.php

Famous INFP's = John Lennon - Jim Morrison - Kurt Cobain - Tim Burton - Johnny Depp - Heath Ledger - Nicolas Cage - Morrissey - Andy Warhol - George Orwell - J. Tolkien - C.


I do stare at things for long periods of time and feel as if I've come to some great insight on life. My search for enlightenment is my way of balancing my hugely empathetic emotional life.

The many faces of the Infj: Revolutionary

The many faces of the Infj: Revolutionary - For me this manifests in depression instead of anger. I can easily become depressed when I focus on where reality doesn't match my vision for "how the world should be".

The Many faces of the Infj: The SP Wannabe

"The Many faces of the Infj: The SP Wannabe." I personally doubt that you would every actually confuse and INFJ as an ESTP.but for some us, including me, do you get an SP vibe sometimes?

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Intj: most likely to succeed. I think as an intj / istj (but mainly intj) I could fall under the most studious category.