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10MB Drive for $ 3398.00 Today you can get a 1TB drive for $ 70.00 1TB is about 100,000 times larger than 10MB. That breaks down to going from $339 per MB back then to just .00007 of a penny per MB today.

It's always funny to read old computer magazines, because nothing gets old faster than the technology news. Here are some very cool vintage computer ads for you

The Commodore Amiga 1500, also known as the A1500, was a 16/32-bit home/personal computer released in 1990. It originally sold for £999. It was a variation of the Amiga 2000, and was released only in the United Kingdom. It differed from the A2000 by having two internal floppy drives instead of one, the second being in place of the hard disk drive. The A1500 had no hard disk drive as standard.

This looks similar to the first family computer we had. I'm not sure of the exact model, but we could play Yatzee and Tetris on it (that was all I knew it could do).

Paperboy - Amiga 500 use to play this all the time!!!

PaperBoy - NES Game Original Nintendo NES game cartridge only. All DK's classic used games are cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work and backed by a 120 day warranty.

Nintendo watch /// Where i Can get this watch..? :(

Nintendo watch /// Where i Can get this watch..? :(

Something we loved from Instagram! Here's the PE358 in the palm of my dirty…

The Handheld Nintendo Emulator It's Pocketsized, Portable and Awesome Posted in Gear & Tech September - 2015