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a beige and white background with small squares
Stige Inspired by a detail from an Iranian rug, the jacquard Stige in 100% Trevira CS has a natural appearance similar to the weave of wicker baskets. As in Fiammetta, the colour range features a play on positive/negative in which the light colour ground contrasts with the dark pattern. Available in 8 colours, Stige is suitable for heavy use.
an area rug with different colored squares on it
kinfolk Number 25400, studio woven | Woven
a brown and white rug with squares on it
Carpets Fayoum - TERRE D'EGYPTE (FT338002)
Rugs & Carpets FT338002 Fayoum | Pierre Frey
an area rug with different colored squares and lines on the ground, including one in grey
elysian Number 26138, studio woven | Woven
an orange, brown and white striped fabric
Rugs For a Cozy Fall
a piece of art that is on display in a room with white walls and flooring
'Acoustic Tapestries' By Nicolette Brunklaus - IGNANT
an area rug with different colors and shapes on it, including brown and beige tones
Driscoll Robbins Collection — Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets
DRISCOLL ROBBINS COLLECTION — Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets
a brown and white rug with circles on it
Scarab Rust