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Wizarding Schools Map

Wizarding Schools Map: Read about the various other wizarding schools that were may never have been mentioned in the Harry Potter books on Pottermore! You won't be disapointed

About Gemstones used in Mala Prayer Beads

Learn more about gemstones used in Mala Prayer Beads, chakra malas, birthstone prayer beads, and healing buddhist prayer beads.

Wizarding School Uagadou with name

I got Uagadou! Which Newly Revealed Wizard School Should You Study Abroad At?

Wizarding School Ilvermorny with name

Rowling revealed details about American wizarding school Ilvermorny via her website, Pottermore, on Friday, Jan. 29 — see what the 'Harry Potter' author said

Słodki Flirt, gra, w której podrywasz chłopaków i umawiasz się na randki!'}

Słodki Flirt, gra, w której podrywasz chłopaków i umawiasz się na randki!

#paracord #bracelet

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special.jpg - Similar to the River Bar pattern except the "B" cord goes front to back through the outer loop. Nice "X" pattern in this one.

Welcome to Gringotts

Gringotts Wizarding Bank is the only bank of the wizarding world, and is owned and operated by.

Pottermore Slytherin House Crest illustration

Slytherin produces more than its share of Dark wizards, but also turns out leaders who are proud, ambitious and cunning. Merlin is one particularly famous Slytherin