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skull cathedral of otranto

discipleofkreia: “ The Skull Cathedral of Otranto, Italy: Where the Bones of 800 Martyrs Adorn the Walls ” ” Catholicism is so freaking metal;

The Skull Cathedral, Otranto  On August 12, 800 citizens were taken to the hill of Minerva, now called the Hill of the Martyrs, and beheaded by the Ottoman Conqueror's because they refused to renounce their Catholic faith. Their remains were taken to the cathedral and the skulls preserved in the altar piece as a prominent reminder of these 800 martyrs.    The Madonna in front of the skulls

Skull Cathedral in Otranto. In 1480 AD, Muslim invaders martyred 800 residents of the town of Otranto, Italy. Their remains were taken to the cathedral and the bones were arranged behind the altar as testament to their faith.

Khal Drogo

Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo realistic digital painting by creative artist Anja Dalisa. The image is a Game of Thrones fan art illustration and is based on the character created by George R. Martin for the book and TV show A Song of Ice and Fire.