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a person standing next to a tall wooden board with different colored circles painted on it
a piece of art made out of wood and stained glass
Home-Men-an-Tol Lead Glass and Wood Sculptures
a wooden sculpture with blue and green designs on it
a wooden sun catcher with seven chakras hanging from it
a candle holder made out of wood and blue glass mosaic tiles on the top of it
gladsol mosaik
Candle holder. Mosaic on driftwood
a wooden sign with dog paw prints on it next to a potted plant and tree
Pet memorial sculpture, stained glass, reclaimed wood, art, garden sculpture, retirement gift, birthday present, anniversary, pet memorial
Handmade pet memorial paw sculpture made using reclaimed wood and coloured glass. Each sculpture is made to order upon purchase. If required by a certain date please enquire before purchase. Height approximately 90-100cm and width 21cm Height can vary if desired (message me for more information) Message me for choice of colours if they are not listed. I can also engrave/personalise, please select upon checkout. All sculptures have a sturdy, lead spike attached so that the sculpture can be plac
a wooden sculpture with balloons on it in the shape of a person holding a kite
Love Balloons
a piece of wood that has been made to look like a tree stump with glass buttons on it